• Partnering with children and non-offending family members impacted by child sexual abuse by providing individual and family counseling

  • Creating Hope, and Optimizing Relationships to families participating in services as needed.

  • Partnering with other treatment service providers and faith based organization for support to reach and treat the hurting individuals/families within our community.



  • Empower Adults & Children through educational programs on how to prevent, recognize & react responsibly to childhood sexual abuse.

  • Partnering with private and governmental organizations that focuses on addressing similar or related issues.


  • Help families,parents and children to prevail and have hope,- through education & empowerment to address concerns.

  • Create a frame work where society can meet regularly to exchange experiences and best practices.

What we do


  • Create a broad support system by developing and sustaining partnerships and coalitions with of individuals, interested groups, private and governmental organizations that believes on the same cause

  • Develop dynamic social media vehicle for information dissemination and exchange.

  • Foster the development of awareness programs that will positively impact the understanding, knowledge, values and skills that will enable children to be safe and secure.

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